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One day, we shall rise up and gain control of the can opener! And oh... shall the world rue that day!

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The Dictator
Posted by Napoleon Bonaparte
0 Nov 24, 06 12:42PM
Please join my clan
Posted by Owbo
1 Dec 25, 05 03:15PM
Posted by Howitzer
4 Nov 10, 05 12:03PM
Posted by peppy (in loving memory)
0 Sep 03, 05 10:30AM
dear tamlyn
Posted by gizmo
1 Jul 30, 05 02:15PM
jion my club to!
Posted by gizmo
1 Jul 07, 05 11:52AM
Posted by Isis (Tortie Angel)
1 Jun 10, 05 06:58AM
it is so nice...
Posted by Koneko-chan (Neko)
0 Jun 05, 05 10:11AM
Posted by Koneko-chan (Neko)
0 Jan 23, 05 10:17AM
Plotting gentle demise.
Posted by Mruczka
1 Oct 08, 04 11:13AM
i'm naughty
Posted by Sasha
1 Sep 15, 04 08:40AM
The House is Mine!!!
Posted by Maxine
1 Sep 05, 04 07:18PM
Evil and lovin' it
Posted by Howitzer
2 Aug 11, 04 09:22AM
Today's Pet of the Day
Posted by Elsa
2 Aug 05, 04 01:10PM
They don't call me a boxer just for fun....
Posted by Sage Wilson
1 Aug 02, 04 07:06PM
I love to...
Posted by Tamlyn
3 Aug 02, 04 01:44PM
I however am evil...
Posted by Koneko-chan (Neko)
0 Aug 02, 04 01:42PM
Neither am I
Posted by Jaxon PW Fugglestein
0 Aug 02, 04 01:31PM
I'm not evil....
Posted by Motlow
0 Aug 02, 04 01:31PM
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